My husband doesn’t have to stay away from Family

Sapana Magar is the mother of one child. She lives in Sunakothi, Lalitpur. Her husband has been working in a gulf country for two and half years. Her husband went abroad to earn and create a good future for the family, but it did not work as expected. Her husband struggled abroad because he did not receive his payment as per the agreement. After a year lockdown happened all over the country which created more trouble. Her husband was not able to send money to her. Life became hard for Sapana because she was all alone without anyone to support her and her son financially as well as emotionally. Her husband suggested going back to their hometown whereas he had decided to come back to his country and work in the city area.

During that moment, Building Strong Families came into her life. As she got involved in this project, she got the strength to stand up in such a difficult situation. Sapana and her son received health support and educational support. Above all these things, they both received emotional and spiritual nurturing. Also, through IGA assessment Sapana decided to make a trust house. BSF supported her to build a trust house in leased land. Slowly, Sapana can save the monthly room rent she used to pay before. There is a small area in front of the house where she can start kitchen gardening and grow some vegetables for herself.

Sapana says, “During my hard times when there was no one to help me, BSF stood as a pillar who supported me in all stages. My husband is also happy to know about the support I have received. He also has decided to come back here and live with us. I hope he does not have to stay away from his family, and he can work here and be with us in near future.”