A Guide to Good Nutrition for Under five children & Pre-Post natal mother

Conjosom Gaunpalika-1, Chaughare Lalitpur is one of the place where CHFN team finished data collection survey last year of 2016 regarding health and hygiene, livelihood, water system and other mandatory topics. According to that survey finding, there is so many children of under five suffering from malnutrition including mothers. More than half of all child deaths are associated with malnutrition, which weakens the body’s resistance to illness. Poor diet, frequent illness, and inadequate or inattentive care of young children can lead to malnutrition.

CHFN Health department team organized one day nutrition awareness program for pre and post natal mother including under five children on 30th June, 2017 at Living Baptist Church, Chaughare. Almost 70 mothers (with their kids) were take part in program with their kids. Program started by Pastor Chitra Tamang and then Shisir Dahal welcomed every participants. After that Samita Mangrati took session involving inevitable of food for child to grow up physically and mentally, three types of food, how to make cerelac for child in home using local resources, what will happen if do not eat nutritious food for pregnant and lactating mother etc.

After finishing the session, mother asked their queries and discussed. ” We knew more clearly about how much nutritious food is important for mother and child to grow up properly so I will do for me and for my kid what I learnt today and also teach others.” told Anita Bhulun (one of the 2 years child’s mother). At the end, CHFN distributed cerelac for under five kids, Uni-protein for pre and post natal mothers with vitamin. Thus CHFN team spread awareness regarding health of mother and child towards nutrient. Many Mothers expected more program regarding maternal and child health in upcoming day. Lastly they gave lots of thanks to CHFN team.