A sense of relief due to the relief package!

Getting out of a filthy place to a greenery surrounding was one of the beautiful things that happened to Dukta and his family. With the help of CHFN, a new trust house was built for his family. Dukta had clearly planned to go to a new place and continue his work of making baskets in an open space in front of his new house, selling them and earning money, and doing kitchen gardening in the remaining area beside his house.

But he never knew he would be severely hit by the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Within the few weeks of his arrival in his new house, the pandemic rapidly spread, and restrictions occurred. He had planned to make many bamboo baskets, take them to sell in the nearby market, and earn money, but he could not do so due to restrictions. All the shops were closed, and people were not allowed to get out of their homes. This created difficulty for the survival of Dukta and his family. Dukta hardly knew any people in the new locality. He could not go to anyone to ask for a loan neither he could go to any grocery shop to buy food items on credit. He had no chance of getting help because he knew no one and the people around him also did not know him since he was new in the community.

CHFN had been following up with all the beneficiaries during this crucial situation. When Dukta’s family received a call from CHFN, Dukta poured out all his problems to the staff of CHFN. He explained that he was struggling to even provide rice and dal for his family. All foods would run out within few days and there would be nothing left to eat for his family. Hence CHFN discussed in their team to support this family with food items. On the very next day, CHFN went to Dukta’s house with a bag of rice, beaten rice, pulses, cooking oil, etc.

Dukta and his younger daughter were present in the house and the food items were handed over to them. They were really happy to receive the food items and they thanked CHFN for once again helping them during the difficult situation.

After receiving the food items Dukta took a breath of relief and said, ” This is like a dream to me. Some minutes ago, I was worried about how to feed my family but now the food packages are here for my family, I am overwhelmed with joy. I did not expect this relief package. I am so thankful towards CHFN for showing affection towards me and my family.”