Free health camp at Jwalamukhi-3, Shamibhanjang, Dhading

Date: 16th-17th Feb, 2018

Venue: Shree Shamibhanjang Higher secondary school, Jwalamukhi-3, Dhading

No. of  Beneficiaries: 1271 people (390 patients in Orthopedic, 394 patients in Gyane and 487 patients in Eye section)

Free medical camp was organized by Compassionate hands for Nepal (CHFN) in association with Nobel Hospital Sinamangal, Kathmandu at Shree Shamibhanjang Higher secondary school, Jwalamukhi-3, Dhading in Co-operation with Dhading Health post. The objective of the camp was to provide free Eye, Gynecological, Orthopedic check-ups and refer for free treatment those patients who required longer-term attention. The medical camp began at 10 am on 16th February with a welcome speech by school principal Mr. Basant Kumar Shrestha followed by Other chief guest like community president Mr. Diwakar Shaha but there was long line  of the patients who came from so long distance before 10am. The volunteers from Shamibhanjang Higher secondary school students Groups assisted us in registration and medical cards, which were issued to the students and crowd control.

Attendees were registered at a registration desk where their details, along with weight were taken down. They were then directed to a General Practitioner for a general health check up where required a blood pressure check was also done. Next, they were directed for a checkup according to their health problems. Orthopedic Check-up was done by Patan Hospital Team Dr. Sagun Basnayta and Raj Maharjan Orthopedic Assistant. Eye Check-up was done by Dr. Mukesh Kumar Jha and Gyan Bahadur Basnet from Patan Hospital Optometrist team. The doctors checked for eye infections, defect in vision, Cataract etc. Gynecological  check-up was done by Dr. Anu Khushwaha with one register nurse Smita Khawas, one CMA Manisha Dhakal and two Health assistant staff from Health post of Dhading for Visual inspection with Acetic acid test (VIA test) for cervical cancer and LAB test for needed patients where Random blood sugar test (RBS) was checked. The CHFN provided Breakfast and Lunch for medical team and volunteers during camp running.

Nearby 1271(Twelve hundred seventy one)  people were benefited through this camp. In the eye section, they identified 65 people has Cataract and distributed glasses for those patient who have problem in eye sight and also conferred eye drops and needed medicines for eyes. Gyane department find out 18 cases of Vaginal Hysterectomy (VH) those attendees who required further medical attention were given slips to present at the reception of the Nobel  hospital for free Surgery and also identified 14 positive VIA cases. Ortho department injected injection to most of Osteoarthritis patients. Patients who were prescribed some needed medicines that were made available by the CHFN at this medical camp. The medical camp ended at 5:30 pm in first day and 6pm in second day 17th February. School committee gave heartily gratitude to CHFN and its services and they expect other more camp in upcoming year. In nutshell there was a need for such a camp to provide basic health services for community people.

Thank  You……