Free Health Camp at Sailung Rural Municipality-8, Dolakha

‘Health’ is the first wealth of all human beings which leads them to live happily and to be success in life. But there are many people who are either lacking access to health services or health knowledge. The similar case is in the different remote parts of Nepal. Bhaisedada is located at the Sailung Village Municipality ward-8 in Dolakha district of Nepal which lies at the north-east direction (140 Km away) from Kathmandu. It takes almost 7 hours to reach to Bhaisedada because of geographical structures.

According to pre-survey of that place, Compassionate Hands For Nepal (CHFN) realized the needs of health services to the people of Bhaisedada. In order to address the health issues of that community, CHFN organized a ‘Two days Free Medical camp’ on 3rd and 4th of January 2018 at the premise of Sharada Secondary School of Bhaisedada. The health camp was mainly on three categories; EYE, GYANE & General.

The Camp ran for two days from 9:00AM in the morning to 5:00PM in the evening. During the camp there was an enthusiastic presence of all age groups (5yrs-85yrs old). On the first day, the total number of people benefitted from the camp were 219 and the number increased to 560 with total number of people 314 on the second day.

85 years old man waiting for health checkup
84 years old man seems happy and about to leave for home after receiving medicines

An 85 years old grandfather who arrived to camp early in the morning at 8:00AM before the opening of the camp said, ‘Yesterday, I heard about the free health camp and this morning I wake up at 5:00AM and walked 3 hours  to treat my eye problem and back pain.’ He added, ‘I can’t go to hospital which is far from here, so help me to check my eye problem and back pain.’

Another 84 years old grandfather thanked CHFN for providing health service to the old people, women and children. After checkup and receiving the medicines, he said, ‘Thank you so much to your organization for providing free medical service to the people like us. I am very happy because the Doctor checked me very well and got the medicines for my health problem.’

Ten years old Panumati Tamang came to know about the cataract in her left eye only after the diagnosis of her eyes. According to her mother, ‘We thought this is a minor problem and never took her into hospital. This camp helped us to realize that she is having a big problem which could lead her into blindness in near future. So I want to thank Doctor and this organization who organized this free health camp and helped to diagnose the eye problem of my daughter.’ CHFN is following up her case.

At the end of the camp on second day, the principal of the school thanked the CHFN team for organizing the ‘Free Health Camp’. He said, ‘Thank you so much to CHFN team, doctors and nurses who worked hard to success this camp. Many people from this area who were not getting the proper health services got the chance for free check-up and treatment. This camp has also benefited some of our students who were sick. So on behalf of school family and the whole locality, I want to express my words of gratitude to the CHFN and partnered organization CBN’.

Thank you.