“From Household to Regular School”

Sanija Rai, a 10-year-old girl from the remote village eastern part of Nepal called, Dangmaya, Bhojpur, lives with her extended family comprising 11 members. Among them are her grandparents, parents, four brothers, three sisters (8 siblings), and herself. Her father works as a farmer, while her mother takes care of the household responsibilities. However, the family faces financial challenges due to the limited income from agriculture, making it difficult to meet the daily basic needs of such a large family. Her family has encountered many hardships in the past, as her eldest brother had to drop out of school due to their parents’ inability to afford school fees and stationery items.

Growing up, Sanija’s parents assigned her the responsibility of handling household chores and other activities, prioritizing those over her education. Unfortunately, this meant that she frequently faced a shortage of essential educational supplies such as notebooks, school bag, and other stationery items. As a result, her ability to complete homework was hindered, and she occasionally had to miss classes.

But a positive change occurred in her life in May when the SOL tuition center was established in her village. Luckily, she was selected as one of the students for the SOL program. During the inauguration of this project, all the students, including Sanija, received school bags, notebooks, and other essential stationery items. The sight of these items filled Sanija with immense joy.

Since joining the class, the SOL teacher has been providing valuable assistance to Sanija, particularly in her homework and academic curriculum, with a specific focus on developing her English language skills. Additionally, the teacher educates the children, including Sanija, about health and hygiene, imparting knowledge on maintaining personal cleanliness and tidying up their surroundings. So currently, she attends the SOL program diligently, driven by a strong desire to improve her education and enhance her life.

Ever since joining the SOL program, Sanija has made notable progress in her studies, especially in English writing. She has also become capable of completing her homework independently, and her personal hygiene habits have significantly improved. Filled with gratitude for the school bags and stationery items provided to her, Sanija expresses her heartfelt appreciation, stating, “Thank you so much for the bags and stationery items that have been given to me.” 

Her mother has also changed her perspective on her child’s future, she now says, “I was thinking about discontinuing her studies, but now I believe that with the support of the SOL program, Sanija has a bright future ahead of her. I am truly grateful for the school bags and stationery items that have been given to my children.”