Oxygen-Concentrator gave life to a 92-year-old man

Padamnath Timalsina, an elderly man, aged 92, was infected with the 2nd variant of COVID19. When the cases were rising during May and June 2021, hospitals in the remote village of Jugal, Sindupalchok which is the far northern mountain region of the Kathmandu valley, were rapidly getting filled with COVID patients. There were no isolation centers, and the hospitals lacked essential beds and much other health equipment necessary for the treatment of Covid 19. One of the schools of Jugal village was converted into an isolation center for the treatment of COVID patients with a facility of 30 beds. As a result, beds were quickly filled by the patients who were in severe condition.


The 92-year-old elderly man was brought to the isolation center, but due to lack of enough oxygen, his hope to live was dwindling. 

The patients, including the 92-year-old man, were having fever as well as difficulty in breathing. With the lack of oxygen cylinders around the village hospitals, the patients had no other option than to suffer and succumb to death. Also, refilling oxygen cylinders from Kathmandu was also difficult due to heavy rainfall and worsening weather.  

“I had no hope of living. My shrinking chest in absence of enough oxygen was slowly killing me”, said the elderly.


During the scarcity of oxygen, three oxygen concentrators were provided by CHFN to the Jugal Isolation Centre. After receiving the oxygen through oxygen concentrators provided by CHFN, he shared his experience and said, “I felt a ray of hope when the staff of Compassionate Hands For Nepal (CHFN) brought some Oxygen Concentrators at the isolation center which was provided for me to breathe”, he added. “Slowly, and steadily, breathing started being easier, and I was slowly transformed from sickness to a rejuvenated life”




The three oxygen concentrators provided by CHFN to the Jugal Isolation Centre were really lifesaving to this elderly man. With the support of the oxygen, he spent another week in the center until he could regain his health, stand up, and walk on his own.


One fine morning of another week, he bid farewell to every staff of the isolation center, including the CHFN staff for the support of oxygen, and slowly walked back to his home holding his walking stick.