Pradip Pathak – Disable Person since Birth

Pradip Pathak is born in poor family, he has four brothers and two sisters. His mother is also arthritis patient and father cannot do work now because of old age. His home was destroy because of devastating earthquake so now they are living in small cottage. He completed his 10+2 study with the help of school and college’s teachers and friends, but he could not able to continue his bachelor study because of poor family’s economic condition.

Before he was ignored person of society and friends. Nobody cared and support in his daily works except his family. He felt really so guilty because of his condition. CHFN heard about him through somebody that’s why we met him and asked some questions related to his life and future so we co-operated with Sundar Dhoka Sathi Sewa Samaj where disables persons can get vocational training according to their desire and then started our journey with him. He is so excited to involving in training that’s why our organization CHFN met him and encouraged him to take part in training that enhance his capacity in interested field that make him independent. He and his families  gave lots of gratitude to our organization and staffs of CHFN.

The main prospect to involve in training for Pradip are:

  • To develop his confidence level in interested field.
  • To build up his communication skill with other disable person.
  • To make independent person in future.
  • To provide good family like environment in training where he can share his trouble and happiness event with others and can learn livelihood training for his bright future.
  • To show the love and care in his life

Pradip is now in training of Agriculture that includes seasonal vegetables grow which is conducted by Sundar Dhoka Sathi Sewa Samaj in Lele, Lalitpur. Its bit difficult to take part in agricultural field especially for those disable person but there is a person who teach them how to do and what to do for growing good veggies according to the season.

So, our organization support him for his lodging and fooding until finishing his training course of five months. After completion his training, that organization will keep him as a staff member or as a teacher for providing training for other learners.

So, we continue to pray for Pradip’s life and calling him frequently and providing additional support and encouragement.

“We cannot change the world but we can change the someone world” that statement speaks about Pradip’s life related to our organization. We want so bright future of every one like pradip, and we want to see his prosperous future. So our small steps can change the life of Pradip. So wants to give lots of thanks to CBN who provide us good opportunity to touch the heart of people through combining  them together in Christ.