School & Community Hall Building at Shailungeshor, Dolakha

Sharada Secondary School, Located in Shailungeshor VDC, Dolakha District, was badly hit by the devastating earthquake on April 2015. Due to the damaged infrastructure of the school, students are compelled to keep continue their studies inside damaged and risky blocks. Children need to walk for 3 hours up and down the hills to reach the school.

In partnership with Singapore Red Cross Society, and earthquake-resistant, permanent structure consisting of 10 classrooms, 1 fully equipped computer lab, 1 teacher room and 8 units of disabled and girls-friendly toilets. This School building has a capacity to accommodate up to 800 students yearly and can benefit over 5500 community people.

CHFN is building a community hall in same VDC to provide a convenient accessible common meeting place at ward level, conducive for the people to engage in agriculture-related training and community management meetings; to share livelihood improvement activities experiences and attend community social events.

Sharada Secondary School Building

Community Hall