World Breastfeeding week celebration with pregnant and Lactating mothers of different communities

On August 1st to 7th, a week committed to the breastfeeding which has been marked as one of the important international events. CHFN’s WaSH team went in different sorts of communities where celebrated World breastfeeding week with pre and post natal mothers and oriented about world breast feeding day, lesson regarding why breastfeeding is inevitable, how its play vital role in baby’s upcoming life, taught effective methods of breastfeeding and what will happen if not feeding breast milk to baby and then exhibition of poster and pamphlets regarding breastfeeding and after completing the session, distributed some nutrients for pregnant and lactating mothers.

First of all, on 1st August, CHFN team entered at Godawari Municipality-9, Chhampi, Lalitpur where 84 (both pregnant and lactating) women took part in breastfeeding campaign including their under five years child. After that, on 3rd August, exodused at Mayalpani-1, Keraghari, Kavre where 58 women get directly benefited through teaching and exhibition of poster and pamphlets regarding breastfeeding then at last on 4th August, celebrated at Chonjosom Gaunpalika-2, Shankhu, Lalitpur where 32 women engaged in that celebration campaign. Thus, they all were so curious and excited to learn something new for their child’s health.

Asmita Bhujal (one of the three year child’s mother) told that she did not know about that types of breastfeeding celebration in our nation that’s why she became so bliss and other her companions also agreed with her views. In nutshell, world breastfeeding celebration reminded again, how breastfeeding is mandatory for child and also for women that’s really support to develop our nation strongly in maternal and child health sectors and that also decline the infant and child mortality rate in our country.