A new home for Raju

Raju Magrati was very happy to move into his new house which is constructed with interlocking bricks.

He belongs to the so called low cast community which is regarded as one of the most marginalized communities in Nepal, their major source of income primly was making shoes and other leather products. With time, this dispersed population has begun to embrace occupations favourable to the places of their settlements but still lacking behind economically.

Raju’s small community in Bhimdhunga, Nagarjung Municipality-8, Kathmandu, lives under similar conditions. This community’s chief ways of earning are through skilled and unskilled construction work, driving trucks and toiling in the river for sand and gravel. 38-year-old Raju also work as unskilled construction worker.

The devastating earthquakes of April 2015 came like a begrudging force, taking away all the houses in this community. At the time of the earthquake, he was with his daughter at the field, few minutes away from his home when the ground started rumbling and all he could think of was his wife back home. In the relief phase CHFN provided many relief materials in Raju’s area and CBN also recommended to build a house for Raju’s family.

Raju was not able to build his house even after 2 years of earthquake and continue to live in simple hut built by zinc sheet. In January 2017, Raju found a ray of hope when he heard that CBN is going to support him to reconstruct his house. Compassionate Hands For Nepal partnering with CBN, stared to build his house with interlocking bricks. While constructing his house, he was also trained with skill to build earthquake resistance house using interlocking bricks. After Raju’s family moved to the new house, Raju and his wife Kamala thanked CHFN for helping them at their lowly moments of life. ‘We are so happy for this new house. Before earthquake we had a house made up of rocks and mud. We really worked hard to build that house, but the earthquake destroyed the house and we had no any hope that one day we will own such a beautiful house. Millions of thanks to CHFN for helping us to get up and walk again.’ Kamala said.

In the new house Raju feels joy and secure. He said, ‘This new house is very easy to clean and safe for living. We used to spend many sleepless nights

during rainy season because our old house had holes on the roof so rain drops could easily enter inside the house but now we can sleep well. In addition, he has also received two female goats as livestock support from CHFN. With this push, he invested into four more goats with a reinstated hope.

With a house that is earthquake-resistant, he will not have to worry about future disasters as much. He is spending time with his family in his new home.