Computer training brought Happiness in Mandev’s Life

As the new technologies are emerging, everything is getting computerized and because of that reason computer education has become an inevitable part of our life. But yet there are many people who are far away from this education due to poverty and lack of knowledge and access to it.

While this is the reality for general people then how difficult it is for differently abled people. Holding this very truth, Compassionate Hands For Nepal (CHFN) started four months Basic Computer Training for visually impaired people from 20th November, 2017 which is running till date.

When the training began, fifty years old Mandev Maharjan was completely unknown about the computer. In the first day, he said, ‘I don’t know even a ‘C’ of a computer’ so I am not sure that I can learn computer properly or not. But after the completion of almost the half course of the training, Mandev is very optimistic and happy that he can type and read in computer. He says, “There was a time when I just used to listen to my family members about the computer and its uses, but now I can show them how to use computer and I don’t feel excluded in my own family.” “For this joy, thanks a lot to CHFN who organized this program for the visually impaired like us”, he added.