Adding more colors to work and life!

Hard work is the only way which brings success in everyone’s life. CHFN provides an opportunity for the hard-working people by supporting them financially who want to start up a business and earn. It also supports upgrading the business of the people who want to become financially strong through it.

Malati Darji is one of the beneficiaries of the BSF Chhampi project. She already had a tailor in her home when she joined BSF Chhampi Project. People around her area used to bring clothes and give her to stitch them to make “Kurtha-Suruwal”, “Lehenga”, etc. which are some of the traditional clothes of Nepal. Since Malati’s home is somewhat far from the city area, her customers used to ask her to keep different patterns of fabrics known as “Than ko kapada” in her tailor so that they could buy fabrics nearby and give her to stitch it. But she did not have any savings nor anyone to support her work.

As she got involved in the project, she started attending training and fun days regularly. She also attended “Money Management, Planning and Budgeting Training”. After this training, she decided to upgrade her business according to the demand of her customers. She decided to add the fabric patterns in her shop with the help of IGA Support through which her earning would be double than before. The CHFN staff and Malati discussed and made the plan and budget required for it. After the IGA assessment, the BSF staff supported her with fabrics, an iron, a cutting table, and a banner.

On 18th December 2020, the opening ceremony of her tailor was conducted together with the staff of CHFN and Malati Darji’s Family, and her neighbors. The inauguration (cutting the ribbon) of the tailor was performed by the Chairman of CHFN.

She believes that in the coming days, she will be able to earn more by selling the fabrics as well as making clothes for people. With an upgrade of income in her family, she will be able to provide education to both her sons and look after her old mother as well as add colors of happiness in her life.