Children: A beautiful gift to their parents.

Children indeed are the beautiful gifts given to their parents. On the occasion of International Children’s Day, BSF Chhampi families together with parents and their children celebrated Children’s Day.

On 20th November, all of the families gathered in a community hall at Chhampi, Lalitpur. Children came together in a group and decorated the hall with balloons. Some glimpse of why children’s day is celebrated all over the world was shared among the beneficiaries. After the sharing was over, all of the family members made a commitment that they will live a good example in their society as a family where parents will understand their children and children will understand their parents.

Children were taught some action songs where they enjoyed a lot and they played many games. Also, some stationery items were distributed as a gift to all the children.

At the end of the program, some group photos were taken and the beneficiaries enjoyed the snacks that were prepared for them. While asking review about the program with the children, Prayas who is 7 years old said that he enjoyed playing games and receiving chocolate after winning the game. Little girl Bibisha also said that she had fun while playing games and receiving gifts for children’s day.