Back to a normal life, Thanks to CBN

49-year-old Chandra Maya was inside her house in Itahari, Sunsari, Nepal when her house was hit by a devastating flood. When she was laying on the bed, she heard neighbors weeping and scream. “I was in my bed when I heard that the flood water had entered our village. So, I rushed toward safe place. I was in such a rush that I forgot my husband who was with me” says Chandra Maya. The flood water was about her wrist while she was escaping. After a few minutes, the flood wiped her home and destroyed everything.

The flood water was rising up and she was running and escaping from the flood, she slipped and fell. Her hands sunk deep into the muck. The impact caused fractures to her right leg. Villagers took her to the safe place. She thought her leg would become normal after a few days, but it became worse day by day. She couldn’t walk and do every day’s work.

Neighbor suggested her to go to hospital but she did not have enough money, so she was staying like a lame without treatment. Her husband was a tailor man and works in other tailor shop as a daily wage. He didn’t earn enough, even to feed the family.

On the fourth days, her daughter provided her Rs. 300 for her checkup. They went to a hospital, after seeing th

Chandra Maya, after her leg treatment

e x-ray report doctor says her right leg was fractured and need to plaster. She returned to home without receiving treatment because she couldn’t pay the required hospital fees. She stayed with treatment for a week. “When I returned to my house, I had no hope that anyone would support me because many around me were also affected by flood,” says Chandra Maya.

A week into the flooding, a CBN team visited the village of Itahari, where the Budi River had swallowed more than 2 thousand houses. Eight days later, CBN found her in her village and taken to the hospital. CBN payed her all the fees and doctor charges.

Before CBNs teams met her, she spent her days lying on the floor. “I cannot describe the pain I was in. But her face lights up when she describes how CBN visited her village to conduct an assessment of needs as part of CBN’s recovery efforts.

CBN has supported Chandra Maya by a new tailor machine to start their own tailoring business. “Now I can stand on my feet and support my family with my own earnings,” says Chandra Maya. “Thanks so much to CBN for the support. I will try to expand my business and I am also determined to start my own tailors,” She shares her next dream.

“I have no words to say thank you to CBN because if it were not for its support I may not have come get the treatment and can help myself, my family and even my neighbors.