Kalpana received relief food

Climate change is affecting the world, but most South Asian countries are paying little attention to it. But the emergency of a flood that has hit the southern part of the country is biting harder on the food security situation of families in countries like Nepal.

Kalpana Shrestha, 39 years old single women with 11 years old son is from one of the affected family in Sunsari District, where flood hits and caused food insecurity. Kalpana receives food assistance in her community in Itahari, Nepal that CHFN distributed in partnering with CBN. Poople are forced to start surviving on relief food now.

“I have come to receive relief rice because we have no food at home. Because flood destroyed everything whatever we have had in our house.,” Kalpana explains. “What we had is destroyed in august, so we have nothing to eat and wear. Now CHFN has also decided to assist us with some relief food which we worked for in our community. This will go a long way in keeping us alive.”

“We are worried still that though we are hoping in the next harvest, we may not harvest anything because whatever we have planted flood destroyed. It will be hard to find good shelter and food to feed the children and to pay for their education because we depend on farming for everything we need to survive,” says Kalpana.