Cow brings tears of joy to Ganga

For many years, Ganga, like the rest of the people in Nala community suffered because of their total dependence on daily wages work.

“In just one year, my life has transformed – my two daughters are going to school regularly, I am building a two roomed house, and I no longer worry about what to eat tomorrow,” says Ganga Bogati of Nala village in Banepa District, 3 no province, Nepal.

Ganga Sharki, 40, is now a happy mother. With Orphan’s Promise support, her hard work & good planning has transformed her life.

Ganga milking the cow

Providing for the family’s basic needs was an uphill task for Ganga and her husband who is now late. “We hardly earned enough from our daily wages and had no other source of income. The two daughter were in school but not regular.” Ganga recalls, “When my husband died things became worst for me. I couldn’t even afford to buy cooking gas”. Ganga says.

However, a ray of hope dawned on Ganga and her daughter. Compassionate Hands for Nepal partnering with Orphan’s Promise, KFT project built their capacity in animals’ husbandry, business and management skills.

“I suffered a lot until CHFN trained and equipped me with cow farming and business management skills and introduced me to savings group,” Ganga says. “It was only after the training that I realized, I could do more with my life even as a widow.”

As that was not enough, CHFN, in January 2019 handed over a cow and its calf to our family.

With cow farming skills and availability of adequate water supply throughout the year, Ganga now has engaged in milk business. She no longer waits for someone to hire her or season for daily wages. Now she makes 400-500 profit every day by selling milk and its other products such as ghee, yoghurt etc.

“I am now constructing a two roomed house. I am now able to support the education for my children and I have actively continued to save as a local savings group member,” Ganga says.

Ganga’s daughter playing with the calf

She adds, “I will ensure that my children finish their education. I know that once they are educated they are guaranteed of a bright future,” Ganga reiterates with a smile on her face. “I am eternally grateful to CHFN for changing my life. Without this trainings and support, I could not be where I am today.” Through KFT project, CHFN is contributing to improving food security and livelihood for the villagers which as a result is reducing poverty levels through increased incomes at household level and preserving family.