Radiated rays of hope and aspirations

“We have been always struggling hard for the day to day living of our family. Due to the vicious cycle of poverty and circumstances, we are always in the bondage of grief and sorrows, says Anita Darji. She continues, “My Father died 5 years ago because of tuberculosis. Due to economic crisis we could not manage proper treatment for him in the initial phase of tuberculosis, so we lost our dad who was looking after the family.”

Anita Darji is 23 years old girl who is taking part in the tailoring training organized by Compassionate Hands for Nepal at Kavre district, Nala, Banepa Municipality-8. She is so excited at getting the opportunity to take part in this training even though she has to walk almost two hours every day for up and down from home to the training center and training center to home.

After the demise of her father, her mother took the responsibility of the family. But due to lack of skill and resources she could not bear the burden of taking care of the whole family so her mother went overseas in search of employment. Even though she is working in foreign country, she goes through difficult situations to manage the expenses for the family. With just Rs 20,000/- per month, she has to take care of herself in Dubai and left over money she sends to her daughter Anita and a Son who is studying in Kathmandu which is not enough for Anita and her brother. Anita already left her study for she could not afford her education.

CHFN in associated with Operation Hope Foundation (OHF) inaugurated tailoring training in Bala, Kavre on 26th November 2018. Anita joined the training enthusiastically after she heard about this four months long training which was held with the objective of empowering women and girls like Anita to promote livelihood opportunity in the backward community.

Like Anita’s family, there are many families in Nepal who are living with the pain of lacking and tragedy that at least a person in the family is selling his/her labor in foreign land due to lack of skills, resources and opportunities. Almost, one fourth part of the national economy is covered by the remittance.

“I want to thank CHFN & OHF for organizing this training in this area. My mother is very happy when I told her that I have got opportunity to join in this training. I want to learn this tailoring skill properly and want to start my own business in future. When I will learn this livelihood skill, one day I want to invest my knowledge and skills to help many other people who are desperately living with the pain poverty.”