Saru got promotion through Computer Training

Twenty-one years old, Saru Khadgi is one of the participants of Computer Training at Nala, Kavre conducted by CHFN in the partnership of Operation Hope Foundation. Likewise, many other students, Saru is also highly benefitted with this training.

Saru was so excited when she heard about the Computer training, which was going to start in her community because she had no proper computer skills. Before the training Saru used to work as a Marketing staff, money collector in a cooperative organization in a very low salary. The main reason for that was she had no computer skills. In lack of these skills, she was not able to enter data, make records and reports with computer.

 However, she developed most of the basic skills during the training that she needed for the proper job.

After the completion of the training, she got the promotion in the same cooperative organization. Now, her salary has increased which has helped Saru to live an independent life as a woman in the developing country like Nepal. Not only is that, now, she also able to support her family economically. She also want to continue her further study for the better career. She thanked the organization saying, “I am thankful to CHFN for providing computer education in our community. This training has helped me and many other friends of mine to gain computer skills. This training has made me more confidence to move forward in my life.”