Thank you for making me able to stand on my own

Twenty-eight years old, Anjana Deshar, is a married woman. She is the permanent resident of Godawari Municipality-8, Dukuchhap Lalitpur. There are six members in her family. Anjana has just started her tailoring business & remains busy from morning to evening. Nowadays this business has become the strong source to support her whole family.

Before this, the main source of income of her family was traditional vegetable farming. However, due to the lack of sufficient land they were living hand-to-mouth situation. In addition, her husband’s health was not good, because of which he was not being able to work & support the family. Therefore, Anjana decided to do something that could sustainably support her family. She had interest in tailoring & thought that it could be the best option for earning. She sought the tailoring institution for training but due to the long distance travel & expensive training fee, she could not afford it. Anjana therefore started to stitch up the clothes in others’ tailoring shop. She used to earn little by stitching the clothes; she had no idea on measurement and cutting part of sewing. Due to the lack of these skills, it became difficult to her to continue this work which stigmatizes her into frustration and depression.

One day, she knew that CHFN in the partnership of Operation Hope Foundation is going to organize tailoring training in her nearby place; she became very much excited & thought it was the blessings for her. Without any delay, she filled up the form. After being selected, she started to learn with high concentration. She became able to take measurement, cut the clothes as per the graph & finally became able to start her own tailoring business. Nowadays, each day in average, she is earning Rs. 300. She is supporting the family with her income. She thinks that if she can afford some fabric on her tailoring shop, she can make more money.

Anjana happily says, “Now I am able to cut and sew all types of clothes. Thank you CHFN & Operation Hope Foundation(OHF) for equipping me & making me able to stand on my feet”.